Choosing Your First Guitar Part 2


The term “acoustic” refers to any guitar that relies on a hollow body to create it’s sound. There are two main types of acoustic guitar:

NYLON STRUNG: Also known as Spanish, Flamenco or Classical guitars, these have a softer sound owing to their nylon strings. Think “Cavatina”, the theme from The Deerhunter, by John Williams. Many beginners prefer these as they’re easier on the fingertips than steel strung guitars. However, they usually have wider fretboards which may hinder those who aren’t blessed with large hands. Believe it or not Argos stock a passable Nylon string guitar for around £50, as well as a good range of starter instruments.

STEEL STRUNG: Also known as Folk guitars, their metal strings give a brighter sound and are used in a range of pop music styles.  There are three main sizes of steel strung guitar: Parlour being the smallest, Dreadnought medium (and most common) and Jumbo being the largest. Being reliant on their physicality to produce sound, the size has a significant effect on tone. Generally, the bigger the body, the deeper, more resonant the sound. Although steel strings are harsher on the fingers, Folk guitars have slimmer fretboards which some may find easier to play. And let’s face it, whichever guitar you choose will inflict a little bit of pain before you build up callouses. Stop being a nancy, we’ve all been there….so toughen up buttercup!


The Vintage (that’s the brand, not it’s age) range of acoustics come highly recommended, particularly the V300 or V400 models, and can be picked up for around £100. The Guitar Magazine awarded the V300 ‘Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000’ in their end of year round up. “This little concert acoustic is stonkingly good……a comfortable, fast playing neck, plus good dynamics and volume from the parlour-esque body. At this price, go buy. Every home should have one.”


Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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