Mythbusting 7: I’m tone deaf

There are many myths about having music lessons and I’m here to bust ’em! Today we talk about the concept of being “Tone Deaf”.

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7. I’m tone deaf

If I had a pound for every time I’d heard this one, I’d be very rich indeed. But let’s bust this myth once and for all. If you can tell the difference between a car horn and birdsong, congratulations! You are NOT tone deaf. Human beings are musical by nature. Not only are we unique in the animal kingdom for the complexity of our manipulation of sound (in other words, creating music for pleasure) but each and every one of us can differentiate between thousands of tones. In fact, we rely on this ability every day. With a simple change of inflection in our voice we can alter a simple statement to mean many different things. Lets do a little experiment. Try saying the word “You” using the tone of your voice to convey different things, such as love, aggression, lust, power, sadness and so on. Easy right? You have just harnessed your inner musicality: your ability to express yourself through the use of tonal variations. In other words, you are not tone deaf.

Furthermore, if you enjoy music you are actually appreciating differences in pitch which means you don’t suffer from this condition, which is known as “amusia”. This only occurs to a very small percentage of people and has nothing to do with lack of musical training. In fact if you’re really worried, take this simple test….

So if you can recognize differences in pitch, you can refine that ability and that’s where The Notting Hill Guitar School comes in. We’ve helped hundred of people harness their inner musician. So get in touch now to find out more!



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Learning guitar can be tough, but with Notting Hill Guitar School it just feels easier.
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