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Finally become the guitar player you really want to be

Now that I’ve found the right teacher, the light bulb went off: Ah, this is how it SHOULD be... I’ve improved so much, even in this short amount of time learning guitar

- Mindy



Do you want to learn guitar from scratch but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you’ve tried to teach yourself but keep hitting a brick wall? Are you looking for a professional tutor with proven methods? Or do you need to take your playing to the next level?

Click here to find out more or get in touch right away to find out how you can become the player of your dreams.

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Here’s what my students are saying:

“When I started the guitar, it felt like an impossible mountain to climb but with Seb’s flexible teaching style, patience and encouragement I’m having loads of fun and learning to play music I love………….”

Click below to discover how hundreds of students have benefited from our expert tuition.

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Q & A


Have you heard conflicting information regarding learning guitar?

Perhaps someone has put doubt into your mind about whether you’ll be able to achieve your dreams?

Here are my top Ten Guitar Myths.

Find out why there’s nothing to stop you from becoming the guitar player YOU want to be.


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What The Students are Saying

18 months ago I couldn't strum a single chord much less attempt to play some of my favorite songs. Thanks to Seb's patience and style of teaching I now have the confidence to tackle songs on my own

- Dee